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The TIES (Text Information Extraction System) was developed to provide researchers with the ability to query large clinical document sets and create orders for tissue and other physical material across a network of federated institutions.

Using Natural Language Processing(NLP)  techniques, TIES can process millions of clinical documents to identify medical concepts within them and make them searchable through a beautiful and intuitive search tool.

TIES is an open source system developed in Java that uses a Java Swing GUI client that is delivered using Java Webstart.  It is used by many universities and research institutions across the country.  A Tissue sharing network of TIES nodes is also being developed that would facilitate cross-institutional collaborations in research.

The TIES system has been active for almost 8 years and I have been involved in it since its inception. I started off as its UX designer and developer, and have since been involved in the technical architecture design and product management. Iwas responsible for all the marketing and branding artwork and content including the website.