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This came about as a need for a project I was working on. I couldn’t find a nice free open source implementation out there. So I wrote this one. The goal was to write something that was very easy to use, and required almost no additional coding or understanding of the inner workings of the widget.


  • Works with any pre-loaded JTree
  • Installs easily in one line of code : SearchableJTree.makeSearchable(JTree tree);
  • Pops up when user types a key when the JTree has focus. Hides away when user presses ESC or ENTER
  • Search results are updated in realtime as user types each character.

Whats new in v1.1:

  • Search UI is now customizable. Change colors, positioning and transparency
  • Keyboard UP and DOWN arrow keys can now be used to cycle through the matches one at a time.
  • search bar now offset from the bottom/top by the JTree row height. This helps in viewing the matches that lie at the edges of the JTree viewport.
  • Modified the demo program to showcase all features.
  • Better separation of UI and business logic in the code.